Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have to accept.....

That my baby girl is not a baby anymore.

That I am no longer the center of her universe.

That she's not a morning person, and me trying to have amazing conversation on the way to school is better known as 'unrealistic expectations'.

That she's going through a lot of changes physically and emotionally, and I have to learn how to deal with her ups and downs, and leave her be.

That she isn't going to want to kiss and hug and hold hands with me as much as she used to.

That I can't take everything so personal when it comes to her. It's not about me necessarily.

That a middle school 11 1/2 year old, and a pregnant woman are a lethal combination.

That I have to stop crying when I feel rejected by her, because this will all come full circle, and she will be back to thinking I'm awesome one day.

That I have raised her well with a good, keen head on her shoulders, common sense, and I have taught her the ways of the world. This will carry on through her everyday life, whether I'm present or not.

That I know she acts right when she is out and about, and treats people with respect, and learn how to trust it.

That I am not losing my baby, but I am gaining a young lady.


kristy said...

Well said, same over here.
Our girls are growing up :(

Jim, Heather, Jordan and Madison said...

It is scary how parallel our worlds are....with the exception of your baby on the way and my tubes being tied :)
Jordan is going through the same struggles, which I didn't necessarily expect with a boy. It is tough to know when to extend them the privilege of freedom and like you behavior and maturity may or may not warrant that privelege. I am already dreading college and driving away from my baby......it is going by too soon and I just can't phathom him gone. If we do our jobs right, they'll always come a callin' (as they say in the south)! ;)
Praying for you and Amber...pray for us too! xo

Marie Marsicano said...

I have read this post at least 3 times and 3 times I cried. She is going through changes and as hard as we may all want to hold onto "Young Amber" we need to let her enter the next phase.

She is a smart girl who is surrounded by people who love her!!! She will be just fine - we might not be - but she will.