Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Boss

No, not Bruce. Never been a big fan.

My kids. They are both bossy. It's in the genes. My father owned his own business, he was a boss. Big Al and Alex both own their own business. Bosses.

Alex and Amber had the same 3 year old preschool teachers. I asked them if they thought they were similar in that 'bossy' way. They said absolutely, except Alex is more organized. Probably a little OCD. Again, in the genes.

When either one of my kids are playing role play with other children, they are always the leader/boss. They never submit to being anything else. Recently, I saw Amber standing up, with a group of kids sitting down around her, following her lead. If it's school, she's the teacher. If it's role play, she's the queen, and everyone else is under her. If Alex is playing in the kitchen, he is the chef. He calls the shots, including how the kitchen is kept. He's the police man, and others are the bad guys. He is the firefighter, and he will rescue you. His teachers say he will re-word things just so he can believe in his mind that it was his idea. Today on the way home he told me his friends were aggravating him because they weren't listening to him. When I told him he's not their father, their teacher or their boss and they don't have to listen to him, he said.....But Mom, I am the boss of some things.

I know some people frown on this, but I like it. I am hoping as they get older and they grow, their boss like tendencies become leadership tendencies. I am also aware that their is a fine line between being bossy, and being a bully. I don't think they deliberately seek out submissive people so that they can control them, I think that they take control, and most of the time, they get away with it. I would love to know how to help them channel these traits properly as they get older, but I definitely think it's a good thing. Better a leader than a follower, for sure.

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