Thursday, April 17, 2008

UpScale Chinese Food? Really?

All my life when I hear the words "Chinese Food", my thoughts are.....lots of yummy yummy food for really really cheap. Right? My father used to go out at midnight (In NY, everything is open really late) get enough Chinese food to feed a small third world country, and wake us all up and we would FEAST. Sometimes I would hear him coming, and cringe. What I wouldn't do to have him wake me up to share a meal with him now. Don't EVER take time with loved ones for granted.

Anyway, the other night I had a meeting for church-which I completely botched up, but that is a whole different post. 3 nights a week my children go to their Daddy's, so the other 4 nights are crucial for sit down dinner time. I make sure that we all sit at the table and eat together those 4 days. Whether it's my table, my sisters table-as long as we are together. So even though we were going to be served dinner at the meeting, I wanted to go home and eat with my babies first. And no I didn't eat twice but I wanted to. So, Quick, Easy, & Cheap=CHINESE FOOD! Right! I am very finicky with Chinese food. I go to House of Taipei, or Taipei Express and that's it. Same owner. Neither one close to my house at all. But I will make the trip if I want Chinese. That's just the way it is. Big Alex recommended a different place that he goes with the kids. My kids eat out 3 nights a week because Daddy can't cook. Nice right! He is as picky with Chinese as I am, so I figured it must be good. I ordered 4 have variety, plus I had my niece so I got more than I usually would. 4 entrees at Chinese-what would you guess? STRETCHING IT TO THE MAX-35 bucks tops? For what I thought would be 4 quarts in white square boxes-right? WRONG. I get there, I state my name.....$80+ freakin' dollars! Can you believe? I said..."Oh no, you must have me mixed up with someone else." He said no, and he broke down the bill for me. I have to say, although I was humiliated, I very politely told him he needed to keep more than half of his food. His response was....."We are an Upscale Restaurant". So again I politely said.."Well, I didn't know that, I am sorry". Even if I had the $80 to spend on food, which I didn't, I would never pay that for take out for me to bring home for a few of us. That's crazy. You would have thought I was feeding a husband, wife and 4 kids for $80.00. So....back to Taipei Express. Even with the travel, at least it's not "UpScale Chinese".

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