Monday, April 6, 2009

Why not?

Why am I not nervous? I have 19 days until my wedding day. I can think of a lot of words that describe how I'm feeling, but nervous isn't one of them. Why would I be nervous? I am getting ready to marry an awesome man, and become a wife for the first time. Happy, excited, secure, confident, thrilled, ecstatic...these are the words that come to mind.

Everything has been falling into place from the beginning, just because it's right.

No stress, no confusion, no financial woes, no second thoughts, no dress/flower/venue disasters, it all just nicely fell in to place. Again, because it's right.

It's just that simple.


Stephanie said...

That's right!
You shouldn't be nervous. Just enjoy it. Even if it doesn't go "just right" you should still enjoy it.

SO happy for you.

Marie Marsicano said...

This is as it should be - the time of your life!!!

It is great to see you and Robert so happy - like 2 kids in love!!!