Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Escape

Robert and I went to Charleston this weekend. We spent our honeymoon there, and we just love it! It was our first adult getaway since we had Bella. We left Friday morning, and came home around 7pm on Sunday. It was a perfect long weekend, but not too long to be away from the baby. My big kids were in NY. Friday, we had a nice lunch on Sullivan's Island, went to the beach for a little while, and retreated back to the room for 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep. It was amazing. This house suffers from severe sleep deprivation. We were out eating breakfast at the farmers market in Charleston by 8am. We treated ourselves to Starbucks every morning! Then we headed over to Folly beach, and other than to sleep, we never left there for the next 2 days. We LOVE that beach! We are already planning a family trip to Folly beach for next summer!

Robert and I are pretty simple people, and we had the best time and laughed to tears over and over again on this little getaway. I love being married!

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