Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Don't Know

Colleen, what time is the cake getting to the hall? I don't know

Colleen, what time are the flowers getting to the hall? I don't know

Colleen, what time will the hall be set up? I don't know

Colleen, what time is your hair appointment? I don't know, ask my Maid of Honor

Colleen, did you tell ___, ____, and ____ about rehearsal dinner? Ummm...nope

Colleen, is Robert's whole family staying for the rehearsal dinner? I don't know

Colleen, did you get your marriage license? Negative

Colleen, you need to be at the hall be 2:15. Whatever for?

Colleen, did you get your make-up? In my mind I did

If my sister doesn't murder me before next Saturday, I will see you at the wedding!

Being 'chill' definitely has it's downfalls.

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Marie Marsicano said...

Those of you who really know us - know that I LOVE my sister more than anything in the world. We are alike in so, so many ways - yet we are different in just as many ways.

Often times I wish I could be as relaxed and non-chalant as she is - but I can't, it is just not in me.

Right now I am wishing she was just a little like me with a "to do" list for this wedding. I feel like a nag - BUT if I didn't nag, make appointments, tell her where to be and when to be there we may still be looking for flowers....

The whole engagement and time leading up to the wedding has been wonderful for all of us - I am so, so happy to see my sister experiencing all of these wonderful things - although I will wait until the day before the wedding to color my hair as I am sure she will give me a few more gray's before next Saturday!!!