Friday, April 3, 2009


Alex has been coming home with some great Art Work. I just love it. I plan to frame them, and hang them in his room. Amber's are all in scrap books, which is where Alex's will eventually go. I need your help on defining one of his pieces of art. This is an interactive post, so even if you never usually leave comments, I need you to leave one today. Here we go. My pics are so light, the setting on my camera is off. After a few attempts to fix it, I decided to stop before it got smashed against the wall. Still working on that temper issue.

Clearly an Elephant. Even if it didn't say so.

Again, clearly bear paws.

Pretty cute clown-don't cha think?

I'll go with Lion, or tiger, something in the cat family-right?

Whattha?????? A few views.....I got nothing for this one, even though it should be the right one, because of where his name is. He said it's a giraffe, but I don't see it. I ask everyone that steps foot in this house. Still got nuthin'.

A duck with arms from the neck that was possibly raised near a nuclear plant?

A funky salt water fish?
Now it's your turn. If you can tell me what this is. I have a Starbucks gift card with your name on it.


teri said...

Love this post! Don't you love the fact that on all the other pictures, his teacher wrote "Alex's Clown", "Alex's Blue Elephant"...and on this one she just wrote "Alex"!! Hee hee - too funny! Anyway...I'm going with a duckaffe or a girduck! And any way you look at it - a very creative and talented little boy! :)

Marie Marsicano said...

I would say a giraffe???

And please, please, please let me have the elephant to frame for my office. I have one of Amber's works of art and my co-workers always compliment it - lets get him on my wall.

Stephanie said...

Alyse would LOVE that elephant!!!

It does look like a giraffe. Or manybe a puppy...spotted duck... I don't know, but it's cute. And Teri is right about the name. That's funny!

Lisa said...

I have no idea what it is...maybe it's a leapord crossed with a duck. I love the elephant picture. Frame it!