Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thou Shall Not Work

I made a vow to myself many moons ago that I would never let a job bring me to tears. I have been successful to date, with two of the toughest jobs out there. I swore I would walk out before I let a job situation get the best of me. And I did once. But my boss blew my phone up until I came back to work. He hasn't been my boss for a long time, but I still go see him, and he considers me a daughter even though he's only about 5 years older than me-if that. I tried to have lunch with him yesterday, but he wasn't in. I had the staff give me a free lunch, and let him know I was there. Connections. Gotta love 'em. So the 2 jobs you ask? The restaurant business, and the mortgage business.

The restaurant business-Someone cries almost once a night. Whether it be a boss chewing you out because you never put and order in and now the guest has been there for 25 minutes and the whole kitchen has to stop what their doing and the order they do it in for you, and your mistake, OR it's an ignorant guest who thinks that just because you wait tables that they are above you and you are a low life. I've even heard the phrase from a not-so-nice gentleman.... "Another Da** Yankee". My response? "That's right I am sir, and proud of it." Either way, the tears are mainly frustration rather than "sadness". They do come though. Not for me. I would rather go in the bathroom and kick the garbage over and get over it than let that ignorant guest or an angry boss see me cry. Is that a pride thing? Maybe so. It is what it is.

The mortgage business-Where do I begin. Picture working at a brokerage in New York. Walking in the door, and your desk is smothered in stuff that you did not leave there the day before. 4 men are standing at your desk, throwing requests at you before you even put your purse in the draw. The phone is blowing up, and you have 15 voice mails. Everything needed to be done yesterday. People are going to lose their home if the loan doesn't close by 5pm today. Loan officers are giving you money under the table to make their files a priority. I worked on all sub prime loans. C,D and F borrowers. Total nightmares. In the midst of this, my boss is turning purple to my left, screaming at bank reps on the phone. Talk about STRESS AND PRESSURE. Never did cry there either, but had to leave the industry. It was hindering my family life. I LOVED that job, the company, my co-workers, and the money was the best I have ever made in my life. A comfy salary with a phat monthly bonus based on performance. I earned a trip to Puerto Rico based on performance too. Loved that place. But as I said, it didn't work with my "Mommy" schedule. I was depleted by the time I got home at night. I missed school functions and night time events. I had to make a choice. I chose to be a great broke mother instead.

How about you? Ever release the water works at work? Makes you mad right afterwards-doesn't it!

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Marie Marsicano said...

The restaurant business is tough - having been a waitress and a hostess in the same place Colleen worked I now feel everyone should have to do one or the other - even for just one night. You will have a total appreciation for those who do these jobs day in and day out. And we will both tell you we had an awesome boss.

Our parents raised us to be respectful of everyone no matter what their job was - I now will lecture anyone I am sitting with in a restaurant if they even appear to be going down the wrong road with their attitude regarding our server or timing of food etc...
and if they don't like it they can chose to not eat out with me again. I will not have that behavior!!!