Sunday, February 24, 2008


These have got the be the UGGSLIEST things I have ever seen. Where is the femininity in these boots? I have searched high and low, and I can not find one appealing thing about these uggsly boots. My daughter wants a pair, and I told her if she wants them she has to buy them with her own money. Reason number one: The day I spend $90.+ dollars on a pair of shoes for a 9 year old, please commit me to the nearest insane asylum. Reason number two: I would never spend $90 BUCKS (I say bucks for my sister, because she says I'm so New York when I say "bucks" and "grand" instead of thousand) on something so offensive. These boots literally hurt my feelings. Quite frankly I am tired of looking at them, and hope the fad fades as quickly as possible. I know, I know, lots and lots of people LOVE these boots, and they are very much in style, but not in my Guido world. I feel the sweat and stinky feet syndrome just looking at these things. I'm not sure how all men feel about them, but I know Robert finds nothing attractive about them either. I can't imagine a man looking at a woman in UGGS and saying..."WOW...look how sexy she looks in those....and look how pretty her little feet look in those.....UGGS. Their name suits them well. Even better, you can't even get them for kids! Not Amber's size anyway! I have been looking for a pair on sale, or even just a pair, and NOTHING. Every place is sold out of them! Can you imagine? Maybe it's me. Maybe these things are hot. Maybe it's cool to wear UGGS with skirts....or better yet a state where winter doesn't even qualify as winter. Maybe I'm the one that needs to get the fashion Po-Po called on them. So be it. I'm going to go online now to find a new pair of black stiletto's.......

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