Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7 months = 7 pounds

Seven months ago, Robert and I went on our first date. You may think it's corny that I remember the date, but how can you forget the most unbelievable first date ever. Dinner at Monticello's-Filet Oscar, and an NFL football game. Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys. Hard to top that date. I know some girls will see this as the worst date in history, but it was right up my alley! I was a little afraid that I was eating dinner with a redneck when he ordered a rack of lamb, and it came out...all on the bone...looking like a rib cage. GROSS! I tease him still about it. When we got to the game, he bought me a jersey, and asked me if I wanted a classic colored one, or a pink one. Of course I went for the classic colors, pink is not my thing. So I no longer looked "cute" for my date, but I had team spirit. Anyway....after several dates out to eat, and homemade desserts, I gained 7 pounds. I didn't even see it coming. I call them my boyfriend pounds. I've been working on getting rid of them, and I am slowly succeeding. Have you ever gained "Boyfriend weight"? Or husband weight? I now believe men when they say they gain as much weight as their wives when they are pregnant. Robert has never weighed as much as he does now ever in his life. He thoroughly enjoys my cooking, and my desserts, which have now been replaced with protein bars, weight control oatmeal, fruit and raw veggies. I am bound and determined. I'm going to bizarre lengths, including brushing my teeth right before I feed my kids so I don't pick at their food. I'm a sicko, I know this, but it works. You should try it. So yeah, 7 months = 7 pounds. I should have broke up with him at 5.......nah. I'll keep 'em.

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Marie Marsicano said...

KEEP the pounds. As most of us would say it is so nice to see you happy with the 7 extra pounds then it was to see you skinny and blah!!!