Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I know I have said before that Alex doesn't watch television. Here is a visual display of how much he watches, and how knowledgeable he is on the subject in a world that is consumed with television.

Disclaimer: By no means am I putting down kids watching television or trying to act like "My son doesn't watch T.V. and that's such an accomplishment." I have blatantly admitted that I wished he did watch some television. I think he's missing out on some great blockbuster animated stuff! And he would actually sit still and relax. Everyone needs to relax.

First of All I just love him.
Bob The Builder. Ran to it, loved it, spent 3/4 of his tokens on it. He even sang along. He has this in a ride on push with your feet version, and hands down it is his favorite toy. Especially with the wood floors. According to Alex he will sit and watch this, racing, and NFL football. I will believe it when I see it.

Who is this Alex? His reply.....ELMO. If you think that's bad....
Alex: "Is that a big Mickey Mouse Mom? Hi Mickey Mouse!"

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Marie Marsicano said...

First - Uncle Joe and Re-Re are ASHAMED that he doesn't know MICKEY MOUSE - how can he be related to us!!!

Next - I personally am not very big on TV - for myself - I think I usually have stuff going on so I never pay it much attention - my daughter used to be hit or miss now there are shows she does like to watch - my son enjoys TV more than Danielle ever did and sometimes I get concerned - HOWEVER when I spend time with kids who have no interest - even at my son's age - and all other kids are sitting and chilling watching a movie - I think - my goodness can this child not sit still and relax for a minute!!!

Of course I don't mean my adorable nephew who is too young for me to say that - PLUS when I am with him I would rather interact with him then have him consumed with TV - oh and by the way - he does love the movie CARS....