Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guns N' Roses and Rock Band 2

Guns N' Roses has not released an album in a decade and a half. Shame on them. They have been working on an album for over 10 years actually. Who would have thought an album could take that long to make? Try making an album with Axl Rose. Supposedly, the album is finished, and will be released this fall. The BIG news is, the first single off the album called "Shacklers Revenge" will be released on the video game Rock Band 2!!!!! How cool is that! I wonder if their music style is the same as it was 15+ years ago. It better be. I am definitely going to check out the album if it ever really comes out Fo'Sho'.

Other Rock Band 2 tidbits:

Rock Band 2 will also include songs from marquee acts like AC/DC and Rush; the game may also feature music by Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan, according to a track listing leaked online. Activision recently released a version of Guitar Hero dedicated to Aerosmith, and a game based on Metallica is due next year. Gotta love Metallica.

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