Saturday, July 19, 2008

Safety Success!!!

I have tackled yet another, but certainly not the last safety precaution that I will teach my son. If you've just started reading my blog, I am an over-protective borderline "Mama Bouche" mother with no apologies for it. If you want to see just how extreme I am when I say this, click here.

At 2 1/2 years old, Alex officially knows his father's cell phone number by heart, including area code. I chose that number because it is Alex's life line for his business, so it is the least likely number to ever get changed, or shut off. He has had the same number for as long as I can remember. It didn't take too much time and practice either. I would say it over and over to him while he was jumping in the pool, and I would stand in the water and catch him, and we would go over it...over...and over...and over....and over again. Now, if you say to him..."What's Daddy's cell phone number? He says...704...-....! I'm so happy that he knows the number by heart, and he also knows both of our full names as well. Every time I tell somebody that I teach him these things in case he ever gets lost, or someone takes him, they tell me...."Colleen, if anyone ever finds him or takes him, you'll never get him back! He's so cute and entertaining! It's like finding a the cutest little puppy on the earth! Who would return him!" They are probably right. Everyone does fall in love with him rather quickly. But you can't blame a Mommy for trying-right?

P.S. I had a family gathering during the week at my pool. We grilled burgers, and dogs, and had all kinds of goodies and music..of course music. To see a couple of pics from the day, click on my sisters blog right here.

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Marie Marsicano said...

Oh they will bring him back - when they need a break from all his talking!!!

You thought MY SON talked a lot....

When he leaves my house I am so sad - and then I think - "Did I just go deaf???"