Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Courtyard Lunch

As a fifth grader, you get to participate in this awesome thing called Courtyard lunch. Every Friday, the entire fifth grade gets to eat out in the teachers...just volunteer Mommy's. This Friday is my Friday. I am so excited to eat outside with Amber, and watch her interact with her friends. Courtyard lunch is a privilege, and it is earned. No turned cards, no homework consequences, you need a "clean record" in order to attend, or you have to stay in the lunch room. GUESS WHAT? This week of all weeks, Amber got a homework consequence. She didn't have me sign her reading record. I don't know how to word that correctly, because I'm not sure if that is my fault, or hers. Probably both. Either way, she does not get to go to courtyard lunch this week. BUT I DO. I can't cancel just because she can't go. So now what? I sit alone outside, like an un-cool exile, and watch over all of her friends while she sits inside. I will be "Ronald Miller" for what will probably be the longest 25 minutes of my day. This will be my first lunch visit this year too. Unbelievable.

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Marie Marsicano said...

Can't buy me love???

Tell my niece I would like to speak to her after school today. But if Danielle went there she would have to miss as well - for the same reason!!! She actually signed for me because the teacher let her off easy - but she is only in 3rd grade and I had signed one thing I was supossed to but not the other.

Can they not be kids at all anymore - this seems like a harsh punishment for a minor offense - it is not like she didn't do the homework.....