Monday, July 28, 2008

I Love.......

My sons room. I did a four hour take every single thing including furniture out of the room make-over last Thursday, and rearranged everything, and I love it! And this is with 2 garbage bags full of toys for good will! My poor baby has no toys!

Notice ALEX3-Amber's great idea.....

These food tents! I thought everyone had them, but every time I bring them to the pool and have company, someone is always saying they have never seen them and how awesome they are! They keep the bugs away. My Mom always had them, and for some strange reason when you grow up around something, you always assume that everyone has them! I love these things!

My new jewelry holder that my mother got me. It hangs in the closet, or on the back of a door. I have no idea why the picture posted sideways, but it is a vertical jewelry holder and I love it! I loved even more that along with the gift, my mom separated all of my tangled jewelry because she knows I have no patience for certain things.

My Coach ponytail holder that I kinda sorta got for free but not really. I had a coupon, and I got sneakers and the ponytail holder, but with the coupon, I basically didn't pay for the ponytail holder. That's how I justify it anyway, even though I could have just taken the discount on the shoes. This dresses up any outfit, and the ever so famous wet ponytail. Love it!

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Marie Marsicano said...

His room is awesome - bright and cheery - JUST LIKE HIM.

The food tents - Regina had them in all shapes and sizes so maybe it is a Northern thing!!!

The jewlery holder - our mother is the queen of organization and keeping things in their place - I love mine too!!!

The ponytail holder - you wear it well my dear - yes you do. It compliments your personality for sure!!!!